An ENFP living in a world of possibilities and fun

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About QueenAnntics


What is QueenAnntics?  

Queenanntics is my playful other half. QueenAnntics is an online whatever page.

One half of me is a curious and innovative certified personal development coach and MBTI Master Practitioner . The other half loves writing and some things just don’t belong on my professional website, Annholm.net.  Whether it’s a good story, an unusual angle, a profound reflection or something that hits my funny bone, I have talk to about it.   I am an ENFP, after all.

Why QueenAnntics?

Long ago, I earned the nicknname of “Queenie” after I sprained my ankle and then milked it for all it was worth. I couldn’t even hobble over to the counter to pick up an orange without making a scene.  A friend of ours, who had been an  NFL All-Pro tight end remarked, “Are you kidding me?  I have played football on worse injuries than that.  Come on Queenie!”  The name stuck.

I suppose growing up with the name of Ann made it easy to develop the Queen Ann identity, even though most queens are Queen Anne with an “e” not straight up Ann with no “e.’  Nevertheless, it seems that I have been called Queen Ann even by people who have never heard the original Queen Ann story and I never lost my flair for the dramatic and the ridiculous.  It was my daughter Natalie who coined the term “QueenAnntics” when I was dreaming up another caper.  She said, “What sort of QueenAnntics are you up to now?”  I loved the term so much that I vowed to use it as an eclectic, grab bag companion website to my professional one,  Annholm.net.