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The Bradury-Holm Communication Device

February 16th, 2013 | No Comments

photo (4)How many of you have “invent something” on your bucket list?  Well my friend and former colleague, Carmen Bradbury and I can check this off our lists.  Behold the Bradbury-Holm Communication device.

This device was created to address the needs of a patient who had unclear yes-no responses, relying on eye blinks to get her needs met. Her family felt comfortable with the accuracy of those responses but we were struggling.  Hence we tried to come up with something that would help untrained observers understand her needs. Our clever invention required only a slight amount of thumb movement to light up a clear yes or no response.  It also helped the client get definitive feedback about what her response actually was.  It was easily the most impressive Yes-No device ever invented, if I do say so myself.

Regrettably though, the brilliant simplicity of our one of a kind creation, seems to have fallen into disuse after it’s pilot run.  In fact, here is the only photo of it, as far as we know. It’s probably sitting on a dusty shelf at our former place of employment.  What a sad place for our creation.

And yet, how much fun did we have inventing it?  For that matter, how much fun did we have being on the same team coming up with creative ways to meet the needs of our clients, lo those years ago?   I have moved onto to private practice in personal development coaching and Carmen has other endeavors as well.  Still I must say, we were truly lucky to have crossed paths professionally.





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