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Go Green! Go White!

October 15th, 2011 | 5 Comments

To the honorable Gregory Huszczo, you have won the bet, Green One.  As an honorable Wolverine, I am a woman of my word.  So it is that I wear this State hat and hold the Spartan sweatshirt close to my heart.

What’s more, I consider myself fortunate that my best friend is married to a Spartan, for he was able to provide me with Spartan gear moments after the football game ended.  He offered Spartan slippers too but I declined.  Hasn’t he ever seen the Witch try to touch the ruby slippers?

Let’s hand it to the Spartans for they played an aggressive style of defense that Michigan could not handle.  What’s more, they mustered their Spartan powers to stir up 35mph winds from North to South- East to West, so that they could expose Denard Robinson’s weak suit… passing.  How clever of the Green Ones to command nature as well as pressure the quarterback all day long.

Ok Greg… is that enough yet?  Or do I have to keep going?  Ok keep going….

And I LOVE the color Green!  It brings out my eyes!  It’s the color of money!  It’s the color of emerging life in the Spring!  White is the perfect compliment to Green.  It is pure!  It is the blank canvas where dreams are painted!  It is the color of the good guys.

It has been 4 long years since the Wolverines have beaten the Spartans in football.  This year, I thought it might be different.  So I drew up a bet with Gregory Huszczo, who by the way has a Wolverine son. Since I have not yet authored a book like he has (his part of the wager), I agreed to write a blog in honor of the Spartans. Now that I have done so, I wish I had I offered to drink sixteen ounces of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce instead.  It certainly would have been easier to stomach!


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